Terms and Conditions of hire

Payment are required be made in full before the beginning of the hire period and written form requiring signature will be issued prior to the collection of the  costume items.

All costumes and accessories remain property of Tutu Maker Studio, this agreement covers the rental of the items described above.

Costumes will be returned promptly by 5 pm on the agreed date, failure to do so will incur surcharges of £10 per day.

The hirer is not allowed to wash, tumble dry or dry clean costumes.

The hirer is  not permitted to attach any sticky label or badge to the any part of the costume.

The hirer is required to refrain from smoking ,drinking(except water) or eating while wearing the costumes, any damage caused not following this rule will be charged at the full replacement value, stated on the form issued with the costume before collection.

The deposit will be held and /or the cost of full replacement will be charged if:

A costume is returned beyond reasonable repair.

The costume is returned and needs specialised dry cleaning

The costume is returned with permanent damage (as burns, rips)

The costume is returned with missing items

Any modification that has not been approved by Tutu Maker Studio have been carried out on the costume

The costume has body fluid stains

The costume is not returned to Tutu Maker Studio.

Insurance while the costume is on hire is the hirer’s responsibility.

We will not be held responsible of any injury, damage or loss sustained while wearing our costumes.


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